Low Pressure Water Line Upgrade

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Lower Pressure Water Line Upgrade

Tasks Performed: Supply, fabricate and install a newly designed low-pressure water line

DGH Engineering has been awarded a project on a local coal mine to supply, fabricate and install a newly designed low-pressure water line from a site dam to their Coal Handling Prep Plant.

This project is based on installing a new low-pressure pump skid with a new MCC (Motor Control Centre) to power this new system and improve the ability to supply more water to the Coal Handling Prep Plant. In our scope, it is also included to upgrade the low-pressure water pipe to double the size of the existing water line on site.

Key Points:

• Low-pressure water line project is an upgrade to the existing low-pressure water system to supply more water to the coal handling prep plant (this new system will replace the existing system to improve water efficiency and production on-site)
• The total length of pipework installed 1.4 meters underground is 500meters from the dam to CHPP outlets

Major Risks/Hazards:

• Digging the trench in and around live services which include High Voltage and water supply lines
• Installing and working around 1.4 metre trench and live services whilst installing 450mm HDPE pipework
• Working in and around an operational site with vehicles/other workers and heavy equipment in use

A lot of planning and scheduling went into this project to reduce the amount of time the access roads were closed so the pipework could be installed. Another project completed by on time and on schedule by #TeamDGH!