New Caledonian Delegates to Foster Trade Relationships With Mackay

New Caledonian Delegates To Foster Trade Relationships With Mackay

Engineering a brighter future for suppliers to the resources industry, six prominent delegates from New Caledonia are set to visit Mackay on March 6th, to explore new trade opportunities with local businesses.

Arranged by local engineering firm DGH, the delegates also hope to meet with local training and higher educational facilities, presenting an exciting opportunity for the region to diversify beyond coal and mining.

Dave Chernekoff, from DGH, travelled to New Caledonia with the goal of establishing new trade opportunities. During his visit, he discovered the opportunity to showcase the region’s highly specialised services and facilities.

The delegates from New Caledonia are, Jean-Patrick Lerandy – President of AMD, Didier Coulon – VP of AMD and consultant, Sylvie d’USSEL – Manager of AMD, Geneviève Sutter, Cyrille Berhault and Soane Akilitoa.

All are keen to meet with Central Queensland University (CQU) and Resource Industry Network (RIN) to discuss training and higher education opportunities.

Jean-Patrick Lerandy is an influential figure in the maintenance/construction industry and recently introduced a mine “passport” providing access to all mines. Didier Coulon has a diverse background as an electrical engineer and worked for Nestle.

The delegates are interested in visiting various workshops and businesses that are relevant to the local mining, maintenance, and manufacturing industries. They believe that Mackay leads Australia in specialist services and industries that they see as beneficial.

Dave Chernekoff said the motivation behind the exchange is to leave the Mackay region in good shape for the next generation.

“It’s important for businesses to look outside of the coal industry to find other opportunities for the future,” he said.

“It’s about future proofing our region and looking for avenues for diversification.”

The European supply chain has become slower and less reliable, making it necessary for New Caledonia to establish “pragmatic relationships” with the region’s suppliers and service providers. This visit presents a unique opportunity for businesses and training/higher educational facilities in the Mackay and Townsville regions to establish a trade relationship with New Caledonia and showcase their specialized services and facilities.

The itinerary for the visit is currently being formulated and will include a luncheon at the Shamrock Hotel from midday until 2 pm on March 6th. The visit promises to be an exciting opportunity for the region to showcase its specialised services and facilities and establish a lasting trade relationship with New Caledonia. For more information, contact Dave Chernekoff, 0427 916 770 or email [email protected].

Dave Chernekoff from DGH initiated talks during his visit in New Caledonia, impressing parties by showcasing DGH’s highly specialised services and facilities. Dave further elaborated:
“It’s about future proofing our region and looking for avenues for diversification.”